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Bringing The Old 1991 Bmw 325i Series for scrapping

Journey With The Old 1991 Bmw 325i Series

The Old 1991 Bmw 325i

The final stretch going into Munich felt like victory. Here we were on the famous autobahn with little old Percy, all our kit still piled high just bombing it down there, music cranking. Suddenly Percy turned the corner and suddenly I realized: oh man, there is my car. It's made it. I'm so proud of you man.

I think at that point I certainly realized that you know, we've done something quite special for 1991 Bmw 325i Specs. That was magic man. That was great. That's how we do adventure! Mike's like a second father to me and he has really helped, helped out a lot. He was a test pilot and actually flew in the air force with my father. But was in a serious accident in 1990. One of the things I noticed first when I got out of hospital was: how the hell do I get around? I need to get a car. It was the thing in a way that gave me my freedom back more than anything else after my accident. Percy essentially provided mike with the opportunity to regain his vigour for life. I had it a long time, aye, it was 24 years.

You know, eventually, I can't keep this car forever you know: 400,000 K's. I'm like: do you want to sell it? he's like: no! So do you want to give it away? he's like: there's nobody really that I could give it away to. For a few years I had actually thought well, this 1991 Bmw 325i needs to go home. And so I had to try and find somebody I think I could challenge into taking this car back to Germany. I was sitting with him and I was like: yes me, pick me, I'll do it! And so, well there we had a deal.

Driving Through Africa

The Old 1991 Bmw 325i

With a glass of wine or beer at the end we had a deal. He came straight home to me, walked into my room and said: max we've got to drive through Africa. I said: what?! The guys said: hey, you want to take Percy back to Germany? you know, drive through Africa. I said: when are we leaving? and that was it. That was the start and the end really. We had a vehicle that we wanted to deliver to Germany. 17 countries.

We had given ourselves three and a half months to do it. It's obviously a sedan car, low ground clearance, there's no 4x 4 involved none of us were mechanics. So we didn't know what was going to happen to us we didn't know what was going to happen between us. It was definitely an insane idea to begin with from the start. When we left from cape town we chose a road that goes along this place called Ben’s cliff pass. I just remember that night there I was just chilling out on the roof, looking up at the stars and I was like: this is day one, you know we are doing this thing. We've left, there's no going back.

We're on the road with The 1991 Bmw 325i. We headed up towards Botswana, it was about 800 K's and then into the north tip of Zimb near Victoria falls. That was such a magical experience to go there and experience this raw power of nature. Zambia is quite, quite a large country and I think it took us 5 to 6 days to cross. The first time got a glimpse of lake Malawi was when we hit a peak going through a bit of a junglish road and there was this beautiful sunset and this massive expanse of water. We were camping there right on the beach.
The Old 1991 Bmw 325i

There was a massive sense of achievement having crossed Africa with The 1991 Bmw 325i. That was about 3 months into the trip and the end of Africa signified that we were definitely in the final chapters of our story. We arrived in Greece sort of early July . From Greece we moved up into Macedonia so from Macedonia we went up into Serbia and then into Hungary and then the final leg, hey, Austria to Germany one day straight into Munich, boom. I told mike I would do this. I told max and rowan that they need to give up their jobs and a portion of their lives to do this.

There was just an immense weight off my shoulders. Suddenly I realized: damn it, these guys are actually going to get there. I flew the whole night to get here and this car drove here in 3 months. I'm so damn proud of you, man. It's a pretty cool thing to see the car just arrive in a city on another continent that's 10, 000km away from where it started and it drove there, every single kilometer. Hey guys, so here we are, we made it to Munich as you can see behind us, we are at the world of BMW.

There's Percy, and we got some big beards to show, this is how it got. We were originally planning to recycle the car. They actually took us on a great tour through the recycling facility and they did it with a BMW 1 series. It was quite incredible to see. They’ve got a machine that essentially rips the engine and gearbox out of the car. They dismantled this car in 15 minutes where they actually gutted it like a fish. We all were just dumb struck and quiet. Mike was there and we were all like looking at each other, thinking: jeez, we really actually don't want this to happen. No, not going to happen. I don't know what happened there, if someone saw us and just. Or you know whatever someone had an idea somewhere in there.
The Old 1991 Bmw 325i

They just came up to us and said: guys, we actually really like your car would you mind if we keep it in the museum instead of recycling it? yeah of course, for sure man. That's where it's going to go. I'm just so pleased that something done in a way so innocently, as fun you know can have an impact on people. Small things can become big things. That challenge that ian set: okay, if I drive to Germany you're going to get your flying license back. I mean my goal with the aero plane is to fly around Kilimanjaro in it. It was just the push I needed. If you knew him you could see: it was one of the biggest achievements he had done in his life with The 1991 Bmw 325i. And here it is: boom, mike back in the air, where he's meant to be. That's cool.

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2017 Range Rover Sport SVR Review

2017 Range Rover Sport SVR

Hello guys, how are you today. I am so excited about this new 2017 Range Rover Sport SVR. I just drive it and start to love this car. It so smooth but powerful. The design and shape also very cool. Okay in this post I will give you some sort review about The 2017 Range Rover Sport SVR.

A couple of years ago jaguar- land rover approached one Paul new-some to build special vehicles in a small shop by the alias SVO special vehicle operations and Paul new-some came from MClaren he was the technical chief over there and he was given ' Carte Blanche' he could gather who he wanted and go crazy on the JLR models we have such a special vehicle today the range rover sport SVR land rover talks about leading dynamics and although I find this car incredibly charming with all that noise I can't say it's extremely dynamic the BMW X 6M is the benchmark in that aspect and it can't match that easy as that but where it's a hundred times better is entertaining you!.

The Car Power

I can't remember really laughing in the X-6M what make this so different from a normal sport supercharged well, it has 550 HP so that's 40 HP extra it has an altered driving system which should mean it handles better which is not that noticable and the party piece is the exhaust it's insane! Really absurd I have a button here to open the exhaust and I can also put it in dynamic mode which makes it a bit more agile I'm not going so far as to call it agile but more agile in the same way a turtle is more agile than a whale but that exhaust! Really insane!.
2017 Range Rover Sport SVR

It's attached to one of the sexiest engines you can get today an old fashioned V 8 because of the classic sound and feel it's gurgling and rattling things which BMW and audi V 8's don't do it's one of the last of the mohicans something they've done very well in some cars, this sound is always there but switch it to D, and dynamic off into auto mode. The exhaust valves are closed and you don't hear it anymore silky smooth a little gurgle now and then but that's it the gearbox is an 8-speed from ZF which the BMW X 6M also has I think it's a lot sharper in the BMW it's more comfortable in this but when you try to downshift while braking you can't feel the gears you don't feel it click - bam here's you're downshift which you do get in the X 6M when the new range rover sport was introduced and the press photo's came out. See the price here.

Body and Design

I was quite a fan of the old RR sport but I think this is a bit conservative it just doesn't excite me but I have to say with this SVR bodykit which means the fog lights are gone replaced for air intakes this engine needs a bit more cooling the rear is a bit more aggressive with that exhaust, diffuser and rear spoiler it looks a lot better than a normal sport and the interior hasn't been changed apart from a few SVR logos the steering wheel is the same for instance they could've gone for an alcantara one or maybe that would be too much they have taken the bucket seats from the jaguar XKR-S.
2017 Range Rover Sport SVR Interior
2017 Range Rover Sport SVR Interior

They are great apart from the fact that you can't adjust the sides I would like to have those tighter because it's a bit 'one size fits all' now they have changed the brakes as well or not really the brake discs but the brake lines and cooling which should prevent fading so they're just steal discs I would prefer ceramic brakes on a car this size but they work fine when you start pushing on B-roads though you feel that they could've been better but would you really push it on B-roads?

I don't think so as you might have noticed when it comes to raising the bar that's not something this car does for me, the X 6M is still the benchmark and this doesn't really get close but if you'd ask me which one I would buy I'd immediately go for this one because they understood how to build a very special SUV hence the name SVR they totally came through on that S part you get the feeling you're driving something extraordinary.

So let's hope they'll build more fun stuff I can imagine the big brother range rover with this engine with 600 HP and an exhaust like this I can see it, and I think it would sell until then, let's enjoy this well, until then. Until we have to bring it back to VDM cars our gratitude is huge as always and the next time we're there it'll probably be something crazy again just like this.

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2015 Chevy Silverado 1500, 6 BDS Lift

Today we got another one of those vehicle spotlights for you. This is a 2015 Silverado 1500. This one's for sale so you've got some 20 by 10's and 35's. Let's go. Trucks decked out Rims so big and the windows black Lit up chrome got stacks Gonna get them dirty but still they so clean Custom Offsets We on top of it now we ain't never going to fade So you better get ready taking over the game.

2015 Chevy Silverado 1500

All right, guys, like I said this is a 2015 Silverado 1500. And what we did was, we're going to start off with the lift. This is a six inch BDS lift. We've got her six inches up in the air and with that we're able to fit these 20 by 10 motor metals. This is the motor metal 970. So you see, it's got the rivet style along the edges here that are machined. These aren't actual rivets. And then the machining on the edge of the spokes as well.

We'll do our bill test for you. You've seen this 100 times. You'll see it 100 more with my $100 bill as you can see. So, right up to the edge of the spoke there. That's going to get you that four and a half inch lip. It's pretty good for a 10 wide. Like I said, this is 20 by 10, negative 24 offset. So wrapped around that, this is the Mickey Thompson Baja ATZP3. So this is a hybrid tire, super popular.

We're seeing these on a lot of the builds we're doing. This truck is from Holiday in Fon du Lac so you can actually pick it up, it's for sale. The link will be either above me or below me wherever you are. But, as you can see, it's a nice aggressive looking tire with a wider tread pattern here but you're going to get better mileage out of it than you would with a mud tire.
2015 Chevy Silverado 1500

Aman showed you that stance on the side. We'll show you in the back, this truck does have the upgraded fox shocks. So we'll overlay a clip here so you can see them but the fox shocks are back there. The rear lift is just done with a block underneath the leaf ax. As far as other stuff done to the truck it's relatively stock.

There's some of the chrome on here which looks really good with the milled accents. We'll show you the interior. Interior on this one is cloth. Really clean truck. And I believe we also did window tint. Yup, tint to match on this one so you've got the window tint there all the way around. And I forgot if I didn't mention it or not but this is a 35 by 12 and a half.

With that, as far as trimming, they did have to heat up the plastic cap on the backside of here and push that back a little bit, that's how you get these 35's to fit on a six inch lift. So you can see that. And then the front valance is trimmed just a little bit too along the edge here so that's where your trimming is. Don't have to worry about cutting any metal on the bumper or anything like that.

Works out pretty nice. If you want to pick up a truck like this like I said, head to the link that's either above me or below me depending on where you're at and you can get this from Holiday in Fon du Lac. We're building trucks for them all the time. If there's something you want built, let them know and we can probably get something together for you.

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Classic Chevy Parts Restoring Tutorial 2017

Classic Chevy Parts Restoring

Wait! Before you spend another dollar on that early Chevy product of yours I suggest you read my Chevy buyers guide entitled seven major mistakes people make when buying classic Chevy parts and how to avoid it if you would like to have experts in the field that can save you both time and money I suggest you read my buyers guide.

Hi! My name is Danny Howell I'm the owner and founder Southeast Chevy Parts here in beautiful Orlando Florida some of you may have recognized me from all my years in the Chevy hobby I was there co-founder up classic Chevy international as well as the founder and owner at the late great Chevy Association and the National Chevy GMC Truck Association I've been in business since 1974 know but it pretty time I felt literally tens of thousands of people build their early Chevy.

I've worked diligently to build a company in which people were treated the way I would want to be treated if I were a customer let me give an illustration of what I mean. There's nothing more frustrating in the world in calling a parts company getting a whole device sales person that has no idea what they're doing why not call a company that has forty years of experience helping people determine exactly what they need.

Classic Chevy Parts Restoring

Most of the time we can help you determine what you need with just a verbal description but we need to send us a picture. We'll be glad to do it we can identify almost any part an early Chevrolet just give us a try let's face it you're gonna spend a lot of money restoring your early Chevy. And you want to be sure to add value to car many times question your face is well do I want to go with original I do. I want to go with aftermarket reproduction our expertise in Southeast Chevy is of course are the original GM parts.

We restore original Chevrolet pieces we can however offer you reproduction parts as well the way we can offer expertise is we will tell you what your options are and offer you the best way to add value to your Chevy Let's face it. Time is money especially if your car is it someone Else's shop do you want to get the best parts for your car you should try it its Southeast Chevy parts we're experts in the area of a restored original GM parts.

Let's take for example fort we provide original GM parts they've been fully restored brand new die French we guarantee that these orange will work every part that southeast Chevy restores comes with a minimum up a one year warranty that means if you have a problem at all for any reason no question gestures return the parts to us and we'll give you a replacement or your money back we want to help you find good original GM parts southeast chevy parts is proud to be one of only a few certified vintage Chevy auto parts dealers this ensures that our customers have qualified people that understand you know what they're doing along with that comes certain rights and privileges such as industry leading warranties guaranteed experience expert technical support and rapid customer service make sure your rights as a customer protected even if you don't happen to do business with Southeast Chevy parts.

Classic Chevy Parts Restoring

We recommend that you find a certified vintage Chevy parts dealer for more information you can actually click on the link on this page let's face it there's nothing more frustrating calling up a parts company in finding out they don't have everything that you need although our expertise at Southeast Chevy Parts are restored original GM parts. There's so much nothing we can't get free we have connections with all the major manufacturers and we would like to be your one stop shop resonance wasting time and effort just give us a call use our expertise and we will help you restore your car don't forget to get your free copy of my Chevy parts buying guide by filling out the submission form in the side margin if you sign up today you also get a free subscription to Chevy journal our weekly newsletter where I will introduce you to other experts in the field provide you with excellent tips for restoring your Chevy and deliver you even more amazing content at no cost to you so contact us today and see why Southeast Chevy Parts has earned its reputation as the original Chevy parts experts from 1955 to the late sixties.